FAQ - Screening Body Scan

Why have a Body Scan?
Body Scans can detect diseases in asymptomatic patients. This allows for treatment of diseases at earlier stages, where lifestyle changes and medical options can be more effective, less invasive and less costly.

Many Diseases can be cured or will respond to treatment if detected early. This revolutionary quick and painless technology can offer you peace of mind and allow you to make informed decisions regarding your health care.

How is the exam performed?
Computed Tomography (CT) is a highly sensitive imaging technique used to view internal anatomy. CT generates this slice images through the body to diagnose diseases that cannot be seen on conventional X-rays. CT technology is known for its speed and high-resolution capabilities and is established as a safe and efficient diagnostic tool.

For Body Scans, no preparation is necessary. The patient lies on a CT exam table while the scan takes place. Each scan takes approximately 20 seconds with the total time for the procedure approximately 15-20 minutes.

When and how to I get the results?
After the exam is performed, a Board Certified Radiologist will evaluate the images. A written report and a CD containing images from the study will be sent to the patient within 2 weeks. For Full Body Scans, patients are offered a personal consultation with a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. The consultation takes place 2-3 days following the exam. Phone consultations are also available.



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