Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography (CT) is a highly sensitive imaging technique used to view internal anatomy. CT generates thin slice images through the body to diagnose diseases that cannot be seen on conventional X-rays. CT technology is known for its speed and high-resolution capabilities and is established as a safe and efficient diagnostic tool.

University MRI uses the G.E. 64 slice Lightspeed VCT, GE High LightSpeed 16 Multidetector and GE LightSpeed Plus scanners. These systems are so fast and accurate that they can decrease the amount of the examination time to a breath-hold, while providing outstanding resolution.

The following are an example of the exams available:

- Brain
- Abdomen
- Pelvis
- Chest

- Spine
- Neck- CT Angiography
- Heart-Scan with SmartScoreĀ®

- Full Body Scanning
- Lung Cancer Screening
- Virtual Colonoscopy

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