X-Ray Service

University MRI facilities perform a full array of X-ray exams. The newest addition is a digital, filmless computer X-ray system. The exam time is decreased, creating a timely and comfortable experience for the patient.

Images are stored electronically, greatly benefiting future follow-up comparison studies. University MRI possesses the most advanced X-ray technology in South Florida.

A Fluoroscopy is a technique for obtaining "live" X-ray images of a patient. The Radiologist uses a switch to control an X-ray beam that is transmitted through the patient. The X-ray then strikes a fluorescent plate that is coupled to an "image intensifier" that is (in turn) coupled to a television camera. The Radiologist can then watch the images "live" on a TV monitor. Fluoroscopy is often used to observe the digestive tract (upper GI series - Barium Swallow, Lower GI series - Barium Enema or "BE").

Fluoroscopy is also used during many diagnostic and therapeutic Radiologic procedures, to observe the action of instrument being used either to diagnose or treat the patient.


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