Preparations - CT Exam

When scheduling your exam, please notify us if you have asthma or a history of an allergy to iodinated contrast. Pre-medication may be necessary depending on the clinical history. If indicated, the radiologist or your referring doctor can order the appropriate medication. When arriving at the office for your appointment, please notify the front desk and the technologist performing the examination if you have any allergic history or have been pre-med icated.

Please contact the center if you are diabetic, pregnant or nursing.

Note: CT IV Contrast Injection (Cat Scan with Intravenous Injection) Patients taking Glucophage, Glucovance or Medformin, must discontinue medications 48 hours after the exam.

If you are taking any other medication besides the ones listed above, please take them with small sips of water only.

Note: If you are 80 years or older, or have kidney disease or renal insufficiency and are having a CT w/IV Contrast, our center must obtain lab work from your physician, containing a Serum Creatinine and BUN level.

If you are having:

-CT with IV Contrast:
Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to the exam.

-CT Abdomen / Pelvis with IV and Oral Contrast:
Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to the exam and arrive at the center 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the exam.

-CT Virtual Colonoscopy:
Click here for preperation instruction

-CT Spine / Bone or Joint (no Contrast):
No preparation is required.


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