Preparations for imaging examinations will vary depending on the exam. We use various preparation techniques to increase the likelihood of a thorough examination and reduce the chance of incorrect diagnoses.

Although some of the preparation may be unpleasant to follow, we request that you try your best to follow the instructions. Years of experience have shown that these preparations work well. If you have any questions, please call the office.

To learn about the proper way to prepare for a test, select the test from the list below:

  MRI / Open MRI P.E.T. CT Sedation Imaging
  Virtual Colonoscopy Nuclear Medicine Ultrasound Body Scans
  X-Ray / Fluoroscopy Bone Density Cardiac Imaging Image Guided Therapy


• Diabetic, Elderly, or Debilitated Patients should call for a modified preparation.

• If you are taking Glucophage / Glucovance and having a CT with contrast or Intravenous Pyelogram please notify the office at the time of your appointment. This medication will interact with the intravenous iodine injection.

• If there is a possibility that you are pregnant and are having any exam, with the exception of an ultrasound, please notify the scheduler, the front desk and technologist.

• If prior studies are available pertinent to the exam being performed, please bring them with you for comparison.

• If you have a history of any allergy to iodinated contrast, asthma, or a strong allergic history, please notify the office when scheduling your exam. Premedication may be necessary depending on the clinical history. If indicated, the radiologist or your referring doctor can order the appropriate medication. When arriving at the office for your appointment, please notify the front desk and the technologist performing the procedure if you have an allergic history or have been premedicated for prior studies.


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